Jupe by Jackie, established in 2010 by Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoye, thrives through its ultimate attention to detail. Collaborating permanently with master embroiderers in the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh, Jupe by Jackie distinguishes itself through its hand embroidered designs for both men’s and women’s collections. 
The master embroiderers are all men. Their craft passes from one generation to the next, and has done so for centuries. When a young boy decides to become a master embroiderer, he knows it will take him nearly fifteen years to become a professional. Like a soccer player or ballet dancer, his childhood is devoted to learning his intricate craft. He stays indoors to prevent his skin from hardening, as every nerve ending in his fingertips has to remain sharp to guide the needle as he works. At the adult age of 18 he is entitled to start his career at the embroidery floor and at the age of forty, the detailed work of the craftsman finally degrades his eyesight to the degree where he will have to abandon his work and retire. The intricate, time-consuming process and the heritage of embroidery is an art that Jupe strives to support and further nourish. 

Defined by striking colour combinations, outspoken materials and refined pattern designs, the women's collections combine boyish characteristics with elegant female shapes. 
Additionally, Jupe by Jackie designs and creates the hand embroidery for Rei Kawakubo's ready-to-wear Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons women's collections - a collaboration currently going into its fourth season. 

Sold in high end boutiques around the world, Jupe can be found at Colette Paris, Dover Street Market, Jeffrey's New York and Comme des Garcons’ Trading Museum in Tokyo, amongst others.

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